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When I was a kid, I always dismantled and reassembled my toys, well, most of the time breaking them. Of course, LEGO® way was my favorite way of playing.

As I grew up, I was always interested in engineering topics like mechanics, electrical and architecture, so I studied engineering and worked in that field.

I realized that most of my friends would like to teach their kids some engineering concepts but cannot find the right toys. So, I decided to help. After all, kids are the makers of our future.

I started alab.toys to enable parents explore the scientific, engineering and artistic sides of their kids with affordable educational toys that stimulate kids and keep them challenged while they're having fun.

Not to forget the kid inside each of us that needs to play and learn, alab.toys also provides toys for grownups.

Parent, Toys, A lab

Asking what alab mean? It means "toys" and it means "I play" in Arabic. It also means "the parent". In English it means "A Lab". It's interesting how an Arabic word that has to do with playing and parenting matches a word that has to do with experimenting.

Baraa Kamal

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alab.toys is a business of ALAB TOYS LLC, a company registered in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates